What great supporters

So this is day 3 since I published my blog and I am amazed at how many people say to me “if you made this I would buy it” or feel confident enough to ask me to help them with a sewing project, it is truly very flattering.  I do feel quite proud of myself when I complete a project and am always looking for new things to learn and do so this is great.  Thank you for your kind words

So last night I decided to repurpose an old towel and the fabric that I used to make my first car seat coverIMG_0008 (since I had already made a new and improved one, no need to waste the fabric from the old one).  I was practicing for 2 reasons.  One – the bibs I have sewn to date have just been cotton or flannel so I wanted to get practice sewing terry material in my usual way.  Two – I wanted to teach myself how to make bias tape with this nifty little bias tape maker tool. IMG_0007

So after the kids went to bed I jumped on my sewing machine.  I often use my rotary cutter to cut out my fabrics.  It is so easy.  So I have everything cut out.


One bib will be sewn right sides together and the other will be sewn right sides out with the unfinished edge being covered with the bias tape.


Sewing the terry was not bad at all.  I put a lot of pins in as I wasn’t sure if it would pucker when sewing but it turned out fine.


Flip, top stitch and picking out the snaps and voila.



So I then sewed the other bib and grabbed my little tool, except, I have never made or even used bias tape before.  So I try to read the little instructions that came with it and I am dumbfounded.  These instructions are about as good as Ikea’s, clear as mud!  Off to Google.    I came to this helpful tutorial which also brought me to a tutorial about how to sew with bias tape.  As I started to read though my eyes were getting heavy and I knew I was going to need more time and resources to figure out this bias tape nonsense.  Those tutorials are good but I think I need a little visual guidance for this one so I will have to scour You Tube to see what I can find.

Anyway the bib was put on hold as we are just finishing up our summer long landscaping project, finally, and we went to buy all our plants.  This weekend is looking busy but hopefully I will get a chance to figure this out.

5 Responses to “What great supporters”
  1. Dustbuster says:

    I’ve already asked for a sewing machine for Xmas this year! If you go on Pinterest, there’s a million sewing ideas there too.

    • You can sew so much stuff for the kids, I really enjoy it. I also find it relaxing. I know about Pinterest, I actually have a “follow me on Pinterest” button on the top right. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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