A craptastic day of sewing!

Waaaaahhhhh!  I had such a bad sewing day today Sad smile  I thought I would get back to tackling how to make bias tape.  I was so confused as I was following the tutorial posted by Prudent Baby, the pictures were not enough.  I needed to see someone do it.  So I found a couple of videos on You Tube and took a bit from each as well as the tutorial and managed to get it all sorted.

After I got my square cut into triangles I created a tube so I could start cutting my continuous strip.

Sept 4 (8) Sept 4 (2)Sept 4 (4)Sept 4 (7)

Next was to make the tape with my nifty tool.  The thing is, I really should have researched this before I bought the tool.  I then would have stopped myself from buying one too small.  My strip was only 1” so I was left with a half inch bias tape and it was tricky for me to fit on my project. Again because I was winging it, I had already got the bib ready that I was using for practice. This turned out bad.

Sept 4 (9)  I do like the look of bias tape though and sewing it was not bad at all.  I think I will buy a larger pre made bias tape and sew it on the rest of the bib and see how that goes.  I do have a feeling though that it will be much easier and thus end my bias tape making days.

So after my bias tape fail, I decided to cheer myself up by sewing a place mat with mitered corners for my son.  I had already done this in a class and it was pretty easy.  The only difference is at the class we had a mitered corner binding tool and at home I had You Tube.  This video has good instruction.

Everything was pretty straight forward.  I had followed the instruction in the video.  After I was done I had thought I had messed it up so I ripped out all the seams and re measured for the corners.  Only this time,  instead of measuring 3″ like she does in the video I measured 6.  Got it all sewn and crap, I didn’t make the mistake before  I made it now 😦  Not a total loss as practice makes perfect and I won’t make that mistake again (it is how we learn, right?)  After the bad day of sewing I was doing today, I stitched it up (rather than try to fix it further) and figured I will still let my almost 2 year old mess all over it.

Sept 4 (11)Sept 4

Luckily I have this guy with me when I sew to keep me smiling Smile

Sept 4 (3)

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