Project crib sheet complete

We finally got around to picking up a crib mattress for our youngest son.  We will be moving him out of the bassinet in the next few weeks and he will be sharing a room with his older brother.  Their room is not your typical baby room colours, so finding bed sheets and change pad covers in the colours I want are next to impossible (for reasonable prices in local stores).

IMG_0056IMG_0057    Since the main walls are grey, we are accessorizing with blue and orange.  It is kind of what got me into sewing in the first place.  I have already made 3 change pad covers – 2 in orange and 1 in blue change pad cover (no picture of the blue one on my computer).  Just plain colours, I need to get some more exciting fabrics – I am open to suggestions if anyone has any Smile

Today I decided to tackle the sheets so the baby would have some bed linens.  I started out with the intentions to make 2 but actually only finished one.  I at least got the blue one all cut out, it is just waiting to be sewn.  Actually it is good that I didn’t finish that one as I will be repurposing an old queen sized sheet (blue and white stripes) to make a few more and it will be much easier for me to just trace out the blue sheet onto the old sheet, saves having to measure anything Smile

The sheet was very easy, much like the change pad cover only bigger.  (To see the tutorial I followed for the change pad cover click here)  I followed this tutorial (mostly for the fabric and elastic requirements) to do the sheets.  Pretty straight forward and I love how easy this project is.

Crib sheet (5)Crib sheet (2)Crib sheet (4)

Oh and I had ordered some labels to start sewing into the things I make and gifts I give.  I received them today and I am very pleased with them.  I ordered them from Hobbytime on ETSY.  Check them out if you need labels.  The seller was very quick to get the design agreed upon and very fast shipping (France to Canada).  I sewed one into my sheet and I think they look great!

Crib sheetCrib sheet (3)labels

Tomorrow I start my bed runner quilt class. My first time taking on such a large project but I am super excited for this class and will be reporting along here so wish me luck! Smile

4 Responses to “Project crib sheet complete”
  1. Jaclyn says:

    Awesome work on the sheets! And I like your new labels.

  2. Erin says:

    LOVE IT!
    Too funny. I just ordered my labels from Australia 2 days ago 🙂
    I just love your DS’s room!! And the colors are amazing.

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