Mama has been “sew” busy

Wow 10 days flies by fast.  I have been so busy with different sewing projects and add to that daily life with 2 kids.  All things considering though, I think I got a lot accomplished.   So this post is nothing more than to showcase my latest projects.  It starts off with a couple more crib sheets.  The blue and white striped sheet I made from an old queen size flat sheet.  I don’t know if I didn’t optimize the cutting of the material but I was only able to get one sheet for the crib out of a queen size.  Doesn’t sound right eh?  Well I can at least get a matching change pad cover from the left overs.

crib sheet (7)repurposed crib sheetrepurposed crib sheet (2)

Next up, gift sets for 2 of my neighbors that just had baby girls.  I wanted to make these gifts look as if they were from a boutique.  The gifts include a set of 3 burp clothes (tutorial for burp clothes and packaging found here.) Bibs that I just made from tracing other bibs and a car seat cover (tutorial for car seat cover is here.  Although I have made several of these so I have adapted the measurements and handles for me).  The hardest part of putting these gifts together was making my own labels to put on the pink ribbon.  I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to get a mirror image of my symbol (my printer does not have that function I found out after about 40 mins online with HP support!)  Anyway in the end I ended up using Avery Design Pro (which allows you to flip the image) and printed onto my transfer paper.  Ironed it on to some white ribbon and then attached to the pink ribbon.  I am pleased with how everything turned out.  It is exactly how I pictured them.

baby gifts (3)baby gifts (4)baby gifts (8)baby gifts (2)baby gifts (5)baby gifts (6)baby gifts (9)

During the past 10 days I have also been trying my hand at a quilting class.  I have never quilted before so this is brand new to me.  The  project is a bed topper quilt.  It is 3 classes (once a week for 3 weeks – 3 hrs each class).  I have learned a few things so far about quilting.  1) It is a lengthy process, 2) You have to be consistent, consistent and consistent with seam allowances, 3) pressing open seams on 1/4 seam allowances is one of the most tedious things to do, not fun and 4) they are a lot of work and now I know why people who sell them charge so much.  Anyway, mine is still a work in progress.  The point I am at in these pictures is the top all done.  Next I have to cut my batting and backing, quilt and bind.  I have 1 more class this week and the instructor is sure I won’t be able to finish it so I have to bring some scraps so she can show me how to do the binding and then I am on my own to figure it out.

bed topper quiltbed topper quilt (3)

Finally we have a test stocking that I made last night from fabrics I already had.  I screwed this one up but not too bad.  I followed the tutorial from Fabric Worm and at the part where I had to sew on the cuff, mine was looking way too big so I cut a bit off- no more than half an inch.  Well that made a big difference when I started sewing it on as all my stocking fabric was bunching up.  I think I will redo the cuff on this one to be sure before I start making them with the good fabric I bought.  All in all though this was a very quick and easy project.

stocking - test

Next up I have my quilt to finish, I am doing a zippers class and I have Christmas goodies to make (stockings and placemats for now).  Then I may take a break and relax….in Cuba Smile

3 Responses to “Mama has been “sew” busy”
  1. What a lot of sewing you’ve done! You’re reminding me that I need to get something together for the toddler bed. I’m thinking of a duvet cover. Now that the weather is cooling down, we need something in there. Last winter was all about the grow bags, but this winter he’s too big. Sigh.

  2. Oh a duvet cover would be nice to do. My plan is to attempt a quilt for his bed after I finish up this quilting class. Maybe I will do a duvet cover after that. Thanks for the idea. Grobags do not work so well with the toddler bed, lol.

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