I finished my first quilt

I signed up to take a quilting class.  It started Sept 13 and ran once a week for 3 weeks.  The project was a bed runner quilt for my king sized bed.  I have never done a quilt before and when I say I am brand new to everything quilting, I am brand new!  This project taught me a lot about quilting.  It is a very precise craft.  I had an instructor guiding me but even so some of my fabric was not all the same size after cutting.  After cutting all of my fabrics it was time to piece them all together.

bed topper quilt (2)bed topper quilt

I did my best to line everything thing up just right.  Some things were slightly off on account of my slightly skewed fabric.  Since this is my first quilt though and I am pretty laid back, I don’t mind.  My husband doesn’t notice so it can not be that bad.  After I got the top all together it was time to press the seams all open.  Man that was a long and tedious process.  I had to wait until the next class to learn how to baste the pieces together.  For this I used the 505 spray.  This stuff is fantastic!  Next up, stitch in the ditch.  Wow  that was hard (for those that don’t know, it is where you sew between all the seams in the quilt.  . The thread should tuck nicely inside so you do not see it).  This is where you can really see my inexperience but still family and friends didn’t notice too much.

BT quilt (4)BT quilt (3)

Next up binding.  No one finished their quilts in the class but the instructor showed us how to do it.  Of course when I got around to doing it I couldn’t quite remember the method so off I went to Google.   I followed instruction on this website and it brought back my memory with the directions the instructor gave.  Again being my first time I did run into a bit of issues with my corners.  You can see that the corners don’t line up just right.  Nothing too major but definitely something I will practice to perfect.

BT quilt (9)

The binding itself, I could not remember how far up to sew and I went with 5/8”.  Turns out this was not enough and should have been 1/2”.  The result here is the binding on the front is wider then it is on the back.  Again, no big deal, I like the wide binding.  I did decide to sew around it 4 times to keep it all down and there is a little bit of sway here in some of my lines.  Black thread on black fabric hides well though.

Over all, I am very pleased with the work I did on this project.  I take all the imperfections I made and learn from them.  Work on the techniques so that as I make more they get better and better.  Like anything you do.

BT quilt (8)BT quiltBT quilt (5)BT quilt (6)

Now that I have done this, I want to do a whole bunch of different quilting projects.  There is a quilted table runner, stroller blankets, crib quilts, lap quilts and I really want to make these stockings, I think they are beautiful.  Looks like I will stay busy, I seem to have caught the bug Smile

4 Responses to “I finished my first quilt”
  1. Wendy Cohen says:

    Thanks for linking to my binding tutorial! Your quilt looks great. Keep this quilt forever…I still have the first quilt I made 8 years ago to remind me of how far I have come (or not). Happy quilting!

  2. Erin says:

    Looks great Jenn! It’s a really good feeling to be done, hey?

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