Back from hiatus

I have been missing in action for awhile.  Things kind of got put on the back burner in October as we were approaching our trip to Cuba and while I have been doing some sewing I have just felt extra busy with Christmas right around the corner.  I am going to break up what I have been doing into 2 posts.  This one will be non Christmas related.

So as I mentioned we went to Cuba at the end of October.  I decided I would whip us up a zippered pouch to carry all our travel documents.  I had recently taken a class for sewing zippers and it turns out they were pretty easy.  First I started with a small zippered pouch and I decided to quilt it because, well, it just seems quilting gives things a nicer look.


I apologize for the quality of these pictures and clearly I need a new camera – which I did get just before our trip and I ended up using this pouch as a camera pouch!

Next up was my travel document pouch.  I love this paisley print that I used and I decided to step up the quilting and do a diamond pattern.  It was so handy to have this to keep all of our passports and tickets all together.  My sister in law wants me to make one for her as well.


After we got back from our trip, besides Christmas sewing my next thing to do was some gift items for a friends baby shower.  I had already made her this carseat cover but I still wanted to do some bibs and burp cloths.

For TeriFor Teri (2)

I didn’t go with your traditional bibs for her though as I have really taken a liking to the bandana style bibs.  They are so great for catching drool.  I find they work better than your regular bibs which may sit below the shirt line so the clothing still gets wet.  These bandana bibs sit right under the chin catching all that drool and they are super cute and stylish too.  Not to mention pretty quick and easy to throw together.  The bibs are either cotton or flannel on the outer layer with another inside layer of flannel and backed with a nice, soft chenille.  These bibs stand up as my little guy is a big time drooler and he stays nice and dry.


Oh and I had to throw in a few Christmas themed bibs as I had fabric left over from my stockings (blog post to follow).   These were so cute I had to make some for my guy too.


The gift went over really well with my friend, she loved everything.  She loved everything so much that she has asked me to make a 2 carseat cover and bib sets for her to give to her friends who just had babies.  My first paid sewing order Smile This project will be started just after the Christmas holidays and I get to pick whatever fabric I like (for boys).  I can’t wait to get started.

Finally today I got around to sewing up my blocks for round 3 of the quilting bee I am a part of.  These blocks were flying geese and the recipient is actually fellow blogger Erin over at Sew at Home Mummy.  She was great as she did most of the cutting for these blocks so they were fairly quick and easy to put together.  I am going to the post office to mail them off tomorrow just in time for our end of December time line.  I hope she likes them Smile


One Response to “Back from hiatus”
  1. Erin says:

    Another fellow stocking maker checking in 🙂
    YIPPEE!! My blocks look AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to get them!!!!!
    Merry Merry!!!!!!!

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