Off to the Races – Automatic Personal Best

Today was a good day!  Today I ran my first road race ever!  I participated in the Around the Bay 5K in Hamilton, Ontario.  I posted a little about it here.  The race started at 9:45 and I was totally ready for it as I had been running 5K for a few weeks since I completed my C25K program.

Chip timer on my shoe and ready to go!


I had great support going into this race.  My husband and 2 kids came.  My mother in law and father in law and my sister in law all got up bright and early to come out and cheer for me 🙂


All ready to run


So my goal for this race was to finish in under 35 minutes.  I was planning to take it slow and steady.  The excitement of all the other runners around me though had me going at a bit of a quicker pace time than I would have if I were alone.  By the time I got to the 1K marker it was under 6 minutes.  This is quick for me. I just started running in January.  My plan was to run the race straight through.  I took the opportunity to take a couple pics when going up a hill.  It was so cool to see the street full of runners.

race race1

Well I ended up pushing myself to the point that I had to take 2 quick walk/water breaks.  Those breaks gave me a good boost though and I finished the race with my automatic personal best time (the beauty of a first race is it is automatically your best time).  My chip time was 30:53.3  wow!! I was 34/149 for my age category and 379/1343 of all women in the race. I am pretty proud of myself!!

coming out

Medal for finishing


I kind of feel like I set my bar too high though,lol. This was awesome!!! It was so cool to see the people along the streets cheering everyone on.  Some had nice signs.  What a great feeling.  The best part was the free massages afterwards. Just what my legs needed. First runner in from the 30k race was a man at 1:35:44 FAST age 20-24.  I think his pace was like 3:11, crazy!!

So now as I type this out my legs are pretty sore.  Not as sore as they were earlier though as I had them massaged, I have done lots of stretching throughout the day and I have been massaging them myself with my electric hand held massager.  I did buy a few things that all runners need and have made a world of difference to my stretching routines and that is the foam roller and the yoga strap.  These 2 things are amazing for getting deep stretches and the foam roller acts like a deep tissue massage.


So now my husband is inspired and wants to start up running.  We are going to the Running Room tomorrow to sign up for their training programs. The hubby is looking to take it easy with the Learn to Run program and I am thinking about the 10K program.  I will do a couple more 5K’s with a goal of completing a 10K later in the year.

So in the end I have my bib, my medal and my shoes to remind me of my first race.

doneAnd I can not wait to get to my next race!

Are you a runner? Do you have any races coming up?  Do you have a favorite race?  I love to hear from you so please share your comments 🙂

6 Responses to “Off to the Races – Automatic Personal Best”
  1. Jaclyn says:

    Great first race! Warning though, it is an addictive hobby 😉

  2. Well done with your time!!! And that’s a cool medal! Itry to fit a bit of running in when I can , in and around life and my little boy x

  3. Thank you. I am thinking of a jogging stroller so I can just take my boys with me instead of having to wait for someone to watch them. Especially with the spring coming up 🙂

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  2. […] decided to do this race last year when I finished the 5K race they offer along with the 30.  I was reading all the posts on their Facebook page and I felt so […]

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