Race Report: A new personal best.

On Saturday I completed my 2nd 5K race and achieved a new personal best.  My husband, my brother in law and myself registered racekitfor the 22nd annual Moon in June race.  Friday we went to pick up our race kits which included a bag with our chip timed bib, a nice tshirt, a water bottle and a full size bottle of adult gummy vitamins.  This race was the first for my husband and for my brother in law.

Saturday was race day but this race was at 9pm at night so we had a lot of time to prepare.  We agreed to meet up at our place at 6:30 (the race was out of town for us).  We had all our stuff prepared including snacks and drinks for the kids.  My other sister in law and brother in law were also coming with their daughter to cheer us on and watch the kids.  We were all set and left the house by 7pm.  That’s where things started to go down hill.  About halfway there I realized that we forgot the bag we packed with the snacks and drinks for the kids.  Bummer but no big deal.  We stopped at Walmart to grab some more drinks and snacks.  When we finally arrived in the parking lot I then realized I forgot my race bib at home.  My heart sank.  I acted like it was no big deal but I was really sad that I wouldn’t have an official time.  My husband was great.  He offered to rush home to get it (but there was just no time for that).  He offered to give me his bib but there is no way I would take that from him as it was his first race and my mistake.  He then insisted that we go and ask for a new bib and I thought for sure we wouldn’t be able to get one.  Luckily he is persistent and found where we could go and they did give me a new bib with timer at no extra cost.  I was so happy.

The race had a 5K and 10K portion.  I considered the 10K but my friends assured me that I did not want to do a double loop for my first 10K.  My goal for this race was to beat my previous time of 30:53.  When I did my first 5K, the only training I had was through the 10K runner app I have on my iPhone.  Currently I am finishing up the 10K Training Program through the Running Room.  The app had me running straight, non stop.  The Running Room teaches 10’s and 1’s (run 10 minutes then walk 1 minute and repeat).  For this race I decided I would just run and walk when and if I needed too.  Off we went and my brother in law took off quickly (he is fast).  My husband said I was going fast too.  I did stop at one point for water and for my husband to catch up to me so I could check the time (I was watchless).  We ran together for about 1km and then he took off.  I didn’t stop again after that.  My other brother in law was at the finish taking pictures and when I crossed the finish line I saw some friends cheering.  We walked around for the water, bananas and pizza – oh and our beer ticket got us a nice cold draft.  One lady walking by gave me her ticket so I actually had 2.

beers Enjoying our post run beer 🙂

My official chip time was 28:15, a new personal best!!  I can not believe I shaved 2 minutes and 38 seconds off my time since March!!  I was feeling pretty good about that.  My husband finished in 26:23.  Very good for his first race and my brother in law finished in 23:50.  It was a great night with great supporters and we all had a blast.

This race was also the last run for my Saucony Kinvara.  They have served me well since November.  I tried on many a shoe to see what my next pair would be and I settled on the Nike Free Run 3+.  These shoes are so light.  I tried them out on the treadmill yesterday and will be taking them out on the road for the first time today but just based on the treadmill, I love them!!  They are not too flashy in colour (boo) but they are super reflective so that makes up for the lack of colour (yay).

Nike Free 3+

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  1. […] and 35:01 +.  I lined up in the second corral (24:01-30:00).  My personal best (PB) from the  Moon In June race was 28:15 and my goal for this race was […]

  2. […] and 35:01 +.  I lined up in the second corral (24:01-30:00).  My personal best (PB) from the  Moon In June race was 28:15 and my goal for this race was […]

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