1 can of pumpkin, 3 delicious recipes!

English: A freh pumpkin ready for carving for ...

English: A freh pumpkin ready for carving for Halloween or celebrating Thanksgiving. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At the grocery store last week I decided to pick up a can of pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie filling).  I bought it but didn’t really have a solid plan of what to do with it.  My purpose was not to make a pie but some other creative pumpkin treats.  I started browsing the web looking for recipes as I am not one that can just whip something up and have it taste great (at least not with baking).  I checked the usual suspects Kraft, Allrecipes, Pinterest etc looking for something to make.

Yesterday we were going for turkey dinner at my mother in laws and my husband said we would be bringing the pie.  However come Sunday morning we didn’t really want to have to fight the stores to pick up a pie.  I then decided that I would make this carrot pumpkin cake from Kraft.  I didn’t decide this last minute though so I did already have everything on hand for this recipe.  This was recipe #1.  It was very quick to put together.  The only thing I changed was the cake form I used.  I used a bunt form pan instead of the 2 round pans and I only iced the top of the cake instead of the entire thing.  The icing was pretty rich for my liking but everyone else loved it.  The cake was moist inside which I was thinking was because of the pumpkin.  Either way it was delicious and I would totally make this one again.

Recipe 2 was these yummy little mini pumpkin pies.  These little tarts start with a cream cheese mixture (cream cheese egg and sugar) on the bottom and then are topped with a pumpkin mixture (pumpkin, egg, more sugar and spice) on top.  Pop them in the oven and bake and….oh my!!!  These little things are tasty.  From this recipe I omitted the nuts and the cool whip but I can only imagine that those ingredients would only make them that much tastier. Another crowd pleaser.

Today brings us to recipe #3.  The perfect pumpkin loaf.  This loaf was just that, perfect.  It was so easy to whip this all together.  I followed the recipe exactly as written and between my husband and I we ate the whole thing today.  The only thing I would say about this tasty little number is that next time I would add some nuts, likely walnuts or maybe pumpkin seeds (which I actually have but forgot).  This loaf is the only recipe that I thought to take a picture of so here it is missing the slice I already ate 🙂

ImageThis loaf was my only indulgence this Thanksgiving weekend.  Of the 2 dinners we went to I did not over eat at all.  Today I ate half of this loaf AND I didn’t run yesterday or today.  Oh well tomorrow is a new day!  What are your favorite ways to use pumpkin.  I would love to hear of some more yummy recipes.


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