2 Days of Productivity!

I have taken advantage of the past 2 days off to bake, prepare some freezer meals and portion and freeze the rest of the meat that I had bought, all on sale I might add.

My haul:

2 club packs of sausage, 12 per pack.  On sale at No Frills for $2/lb.  Cost $5.48 per package.

1.1 kg of extra lean ground beef.  On sale at Fortino’s for $2.49/lb.  Original price $11.  Price matched at No Frills.  Cost $5 and change.

2 packs of 1.7kg lean ground beef.  On sale for $1.98/lb at Superstore.  Original price $15 each.  Price matched at Walmart for $7.43 each.

Monday -first up I baked 2 dozen banana muffins. Not taking too much credit on this one as they were baked from a mix.  I usually do make my own from scratch but this time took the short cut.  Next, my plan was to start out by baking 2 batches of cookies.  I am going to a Christmas party that includes a cookie exchange and was unsure of what type of cookie to bake.  I came across some recipes and narrowed it down to 2.  Snickerdoodles and iced pumpkin cookies.  Snickerdoodles were up first. I have never made these before and I can’t recall ever having eaten them before.  The recipe I used (found here.) made 48 at at time.  I did the first batch, tasted them then decided to not even bother with the pumpkin cookies.  These cookies were fabulous!!!!  I made another batch, ate too many and threw them in the freezer for the exchange.IMG_1286 copy  SO GOOD!

After the cookies were all done and cooling I decided to make a new recipe for dinner.  I get the email notices from Kraft Canada and this week they had a recipe for a Make-Ahead Chili & Cheese Lasagne that looked delicious.  I got all the ingredients to make 2 trays with plans to freeze one for later.  I don’t think I have ever made a lasagne from scratch, sad yes.  This was a nice twist though.  Take chilli, take lasagne and mix them together.  It was pretty tasty and bonus, my 2 little toddlers loved it black beans and all!  I had a really hard time finding suitable containers for freezing.  From talking to friends I was looking for the tin containers with the cardboard lids but I could not find them anywhere. I went to Walmart, Dollarama and my husband checked No Frills and Superstore.  All we could find were these tin bottoms with plastic lids. Not ideal but I will make it work.

This will have to do.

This will have to do.

Ready for the freezer

Ready for the freezer









Tuesday – the plan for today was to make a couple trays of cabbage roll casseroles for the freezer and portion up the rest of the meat to vacuum seal and freeze.  The cabbage roll casserole is a staple in this house.  It is so quick and easy to make and super delicious.  I make this cabbage roll casserole even lazier by using bagged coleslaw as I hate to cut cabbage and therefore don’t 🙂

Image copy

I used the 1.7kg package of beef and made 2 trays and cooked up the remainder of the meat already seasoned to freeze.  The only thing left to do now was vacuum seal the remainder of the meat.  Folks, if you don’t have a vacuum sealer, you need to get one.  This is easily one of the best things I own. My mom bought it for us for Christmas one year and we use it all the time.  Keeps your food frozen with no freezer burn, no ice forming inside.

Love this.

Love this.

IMG_1295 copy

Stocking up the freezer.









So after a 2 day cooking and baking frenzy I had

2 dozen muffins

8 dozen Snickerdoodle cookies

2 trays of chili and cheese lasagne

2 trays of cabbage roll casseroles

2 packages of sausage to freeze

3 packages of protioned lean ground beef to freeze

1 package of precooked beef to freeze

A pretty productive couple of days.


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