Say goodbye to 2013

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  If you are in the GTA I hope the crazy ice storm didn’t put too much of a wrench in your holiday plans.  I know for us we had no luck finding any salt since before Christmas and have ice everywhere.  Everywhere we went (daily) was sold out.  We were finally able to stock up when we went out of town for Christmas at my mom’s (they didn’t get hit like we did).

December is such a busy month and I see I haven’t made a post since the end of November.  I also haven’t run in 10 days and have indulged in a little too much of all the food and sweets Christmas time brings. I know it is a common thing we seem to do but I am back on track.  Got out for a 12km run today and am back to healthy decisions.

So as if I don’t have enough going on to keep me busy I have decided to pick up a new hobby.  This one is rather addicting and it is crochet and knitting.  Right now I lean more to crochet because I find it faster.  I had been working on a scarf I was knitting but it was seeming to take me forever so I gave up on it.  I picked up crochet and was able to make a scarf in a day.  A nice scarf.  So I started making more.  I made scarves and gave them as gifts.  To my mom, my aunt, my inlaws (I really liked the scarf I made for my father in law. I will be making one for my husband as well), my daycare provider, my niece.  This list could be endless. You would have seen all the scarves if you follow my Facebook page but here are a few pics to share in case you don’t.  You can see more photos in the finished projects tab.

IMG_1413 copy IMG_1428 Image 2 copy IMG_1452 IMG_1405 copy

IMG_1441 copy
















I found crochet very easy to learn.  I pretty much picked it up in a day.  I have a lady at work that was showing me some stitches and of course, You Tube.

In fact, the infinity scarves I made were all from a You Tube tutorial.

I also used a you Tube tutorial for the ribbed scarf.

It is truly amazing the things you can learn on You Tube.  I have also found out that both my mother in law and sister in law knit and crochet.  We had a bit of a knitting party at Christmas as they were helping me to master the knit and purl stitch.  My next project is to crochet an ear warmer headband and a hat and to actually knit something, that along with learning how to read patterns.

There is so much out there where you can find free videos to teach yourself how to do so many different stitches – knitting and crochet.  A favorite of mine that I find very useful is New Stitch a Day. There are all kinds of very helpful videos and instruction on that site.  Another site which I have only briefly explored is Ravelry.  It seems to be a nice little community of knitters and crocheters and a quick browse through has shown me there are a lot of free patterns there.  Of course, another favorite is always Pinterest.  I am pinning all sorts of things these days.

I hope if you have been inspired to give knitting or crochet a try (if you don’t know how already) that you find the links I posted useful.  I know I would not have been able to teach myself to do this without such great resources.  If you end up making anything please share to my Facebook page.  I would love to see what you make.  If you have any tips you would like to share, please do so.  I am always ready to learn more.

Lastly, I would like to wish you all a very happy and safe New Year!  Time flies, enjoy every minute of it!


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