Chilly Half Marathon

Bib # 1740
Chip time1:59:07
Category place59
Overall place1,012/2,199

My second half marathon and I shaved 9:25 off of my time.  A new personal best.  It was a good day!

Saturday was somewhat mild but when we woke up Sunday morning we had been hit with another polar vortex which brought with it more snow (like we need MORE snow!)  My first thought was my race just got turned in to a fun run.  Not going to lie, I was a little disappointed.


We had anticipated the weather and had our gear all set out.  I got dressed and it was the right amount of layers.  I was unsure of the shoes I would wear though, given the fresh snow.  I planned to wear my Nike Pegasus but with the snow I was considering going back to my Nike Free Run (they have the shield and keep my feet warm and dry).  I put on the Pegasus and brought the Free Run with me.
We dropped the kids off with my in-laws and headed to Burlington where the race is held.  We scored some free under ground parking so that was nice but it was a bit of a walk to the start line.  It would have been ideal to use that distance to run but the sidewalks were a mess and crowded and we had bags to check anyway.  We got to the bag check and warmed up inside before making our way to the start to do some warm up runs.

Me pre race

Me pre race

Hubby pre race

Hubby pre race

Warming up

Warming up

Pre race photo op

Pre race photo op

We found our place behind the start and amongst all the people there we were able to find some of our local running friends.  We joined them and waited for the start.  Just as the gun went off and we started moving is when I realized that I did not tie my shoes properly (remember I said I was unsure which shoes I was going to wear?  I threw the Pegasus on and decided to wear them, just didn’t do them up properly).  Oh well I guess we will see how far I can get before I need to retie my shoes.

This race heads down Brant toward the lake and turns right for a quick out and back along the lakeshore before coming back and heading east on Lakeshore.  I headed out at pretty much my anticipated race pace.  When I first saw the schedule I would be following through Runners World Smart Coach training plan and saw my anticipated race pace of 5:36 I thought ya right, hold that for 21.1km??  5, 10 km and I was feeling pretty good at this pace.

Splits – 5:38, 5:34, 5:28, 5:30, 5:39, 5:31, 5:34, 5:29, 5:35, 5:41

Staying somewhat steady and coming up on km 11 it happened.  My shoe got too loose and I had to stop to tie them up.  I did that and took the opportunity to pop some Clif Shot Bloks (my fuel of choice), drink some water and off I went.  I had 2 people that I was keeping pace with so I felt pretty good keeping with them.  The turn around was at 13km.  It was nice approaching the turn around and seeing everyone coming back (including my hubby).  Ahhh more than half way done.  Heading back toward Brant I am happy that I am having no aches and pains and I am thankful that my bum toe is not giving me any trouble (I had taped it up for the race). 15km approaching, this is where it starts to get a little tough.

Splits – 5:38, 5:33, 5:42, 5:40, 5:37

15km I start to tell myself how close I am based on time.  A little math and I am telling myself just over 30 minutes to go.  Somewhere along this stretch there is a man (a priest I think) and some kids giving out bananas and oranges.  I thankfully grab a banana and try to eat it while still running.  17, 18km I think I should start trying to “catch” people.  This is the part where I should be able to pick it up a bit and catch up with people.  Try as I might though I just couldn’t go any faster.  I felt like I was giving my all but standing still at the same time (obviously not but you get what I mean).  I wasn’t really looking at my watch, nothing beyond pace and heart rate but I thought I might be able to make it under 2 hours.  I stayed pretty steady right to the end, 21.1km and I crossed the finish line.  It took a while for the results to be posted but my time ended up being 1:59:07.  I am so happy to have broke 2 hours on my second half marathon.

Splits – 5:34, 5:43, 5:35, 5:40, 5:44, 5:35

Me and hubby with our medals

Me and hubby with our medals

Cool medal

Cool medal

Funny story, my watch said I finished at 1:58:33 so I thought my chip time would be a little less so I was a bit perplexed when I saw my time was actually more.  It took a while but my husband actually figured out the mystery.  I had my watch set to auto pause when I stopped and forgetting that I stopped to tie my shoes it explains the time difference.  Lesson learned here, make sure to turn auto pause off for races.

I enjoyed this race.  The course was relatively flat.  The jacket provided (seen in my race day post) is really nice.  There were free massages (which we took advantage of) and of course chili and beer.  We met up with friends afterwards before heading back to pick up our kids.  I will definitely do this race again.

Now that I write this out I can also tell you that my legs (quads) were quite sore for a good 3 days after the race.  I should be running tonight but I decided to do this instead and will get back at it tomorrow.  Next up is Around the Bay.  I did sign up for another half though because after my time mix up I feel I need to do another race where I don’t have to stop and tie my shoes so I am aiming for a slightly faster time at the MEC Race Series race 2 in May.

For all my American friends :)

For all my American friends 🙂


Some of the photos are from the race photographers Marathon-Photos. At the time of writing this I had not decided on which pictures to purchase (I have several good ones) so I am thinking of just purchasing them all – it seems to be the best deal (I will switch out the photos).

4 Responses to “Chilly Half Marathon”
  1. Kristin says:

    Great job!! What a run!!! Sounds like a fantastic experience!!

  2. MSB says:

    Thank you 🙂

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