MEC Race 2: Half Marathon

Bib #6549

Chip time – 2:02:17

Pace – 5:48

Gender place – 12/25

Overall place – 49/72

The MEC Burlington race 2 took place on May 17, 2014.  This was just 6 days after the Sporting Life 10K race.  The route was in Hamilton at Confederation park and along the beach strip into Burlington. The route was actually quite nice.  When I first signed up for this race my goal was to PB it.  As we got closer though realizing I had 3 races very close together with my longest distance being the last one, I started to think maybe I would just finish it.  That is what happened.  In fact this is the first race, since I started racing, that I did not PB.  That was inevitable though.

I don’t really have too much to say about this race.  I drove in with some friends.  2 were doing the 5K and 1 was doing the half.  I was wearing my Lulu skirt and my tee from the Sporting Life race.  I worried I would be too cold as it was cool and we were along the water.  Of course once we got going I felt quite comfortable and was happy with my choice in clothing.

The first 10K I felt pretty good, strong. I started walking at this point to take my first gel (I can not run and gel at the same time).  I guess the stop threw me off because it was all downhill from there.  I walked a lot more in the second half of the race than I ever have before.  Even on training runs.  I was not doing 10’s and 1’s either – maybe I should have switched to that as I probably would have finished with a better time.  I started to think that I just wanted to quit and then my mind started messing around.  I would think if I could just find a skate board (what?) then I would skate back, lol.  I was thinking about how hungry I was getting, maybe if I had a bike.  These thoughts racing through my head did not help my cause, lol.  So I ran/walked the rest of the race and finished with a 2:02:17.  Not the PB I was after but still not a bad time at all.  Considering how much I walked, I am quite happy with this.

I walked over to meet my friends and have some water and bananas.  After talking to my friend who ran the half  (in a speedy 1:31:03)  and telling him about all the things going through my mind, I was happy to hear him say he has simialr thoughts while racing.  I am not alone!  Then a funny thing happened, as I was walking I got this cramp in my right calf which almost took me to the ground and then it went away.  Weird. We got in the car and headed home.  On the drive back that cramp came back with a vengeance.  I have never experienced these cramps before but it almost had me in tears.  So painful.  My friend gave me a few of his electrolyte tablets to mix with water thinking that might help.  It sucked.  It did finally stop and I was able to get in for a massage on the Tuesday following the race.  My calf still felt tender so I was happy to go get it worked.  I hope to not have to experience that again.

So the MEC races are always great races to do.  These are $15 and are chipped timed.  They have aid stations along the course along with course marshals and bananas at the end. Oh and if you are speedy and manage to finish in the top 3 you will also get a medal.  You just can’t beat that.

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  2. […] about 27-28km I got a little afraid that I was going to cramp up in my calves like I did at the MEC Half.  Praying for that not to happen I kept at it.  Counting down the distance until the finish. I […]

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