A Midsummer Night’s Run 30K

Bib #411

Chip time – 2:58:23

Pace – 5:57

Category place – 54/108

Gender place – 141/297

Overall place –373/630

Saturday August the 16th was the Mid Summer Night’s Run 30K race in Toronto.  This was my first time running this race.  I wanted to run it last year but after they announced the race would move to the island because of construction, I backed out.  Those logistics just seemed far too chaotic for me (and according to friends, they were).  This year I was happy to see they moved it back to the original route.

The race started at 5:30 and the forecast for the day was not a good one.  There was a good chance of rain and on our way down to Toronto the rain came.  It was also a little on the cool side, which was no problem for me as that is better than running in the heat.  We arrived at the start line a little on the early side as we wanted to leave early in case of any traffic hold ups (accidents, construction).  Luckily we were able to stay dry under a tent until race start and by 5:30 the rain was coming to an end.  Thank you weather gods.

I started out the race in my Lulu skirt, a tee shirt, compression socks, arm warmers and a rain poncho from the dollar store.  I (like many others) ran with the poncho on for about 1-2km.  I saw a garbage can and quickly lost the poncho and carried on.  My “sort of” goal for this race was 3 hours.  I figured that was a reasonable time since I did ATB in  3:09 and ATB was hilly and this race was….not.  At the same time I wanted to use this race as a practice run for my marathon.  For my marathon training I have been doing 10’s and 1’s and this was a great opportunity to practice that.  I found the 3 hour pace bunny that was doing 10’s and 1’s and I kept him in my site.  He was a bit ahead of me for the first 7-8km but not too far.  I will break this race down into thirds.

The first third of the race started a bit..not rough but not great.  During this part I had to get warmed up.  Here my legs felt a bit tight.  Hamstrings, calves, I felt like I was going slow, too slow? It probably wasn’t until about 6-7km that I started to feel stronger.  I got into a groove. I had good music and things started to come together.  The second part of the race I felt great!  I felt strong and looking at my watch I was seeing a lot of 5:40-5:50 pace.  Walk breaks were going over nice and I was maintaining that pace seemingly effortlessly.  I passed the 3 hour pace bunny and decided to just go at my pace and see where that brought me.  The weather was still cooperating, in fact that was it for the rain.  We were dry the whole time.  The last section of the race was the tiring part (right?).  After the 21km check in (the Sportstats mats you cross) I started thinking only 9km to go.  The thing is, 9km is far. Still strong up until about 24km and then I started to feel tired, like I could fade.  This is where the mental game comes in.  I told myself that I was almost there and just maintain my pace because now I wanted to come in under 3 hours.  By about 27-28km I got a little afraid that I was going to cramp up in my calves like I did at the MEC Half.  Praying for that not to happen I kept at it.  Counting down the distance until the finish. I took all my walk breaks except for the last one which fell at 29km. By that time I could see people turning toward the finish line and so I tried to pick it up. I turn the corner and saw some of my fellow Benders cheering at the finish line and I crossed through.  I did it!  Sub 3 hours 🙂

I went through the chute and got my medal, banana and little pita.  I then parked my butt on the ground and took my shoes off, that felt great.  Still concerned about potential cramping though I did not sit too long.  Stretched it out and walked it off then headed over with my friends to grab a beer and then we went home.  The next morning my legs felt, not bad at all.  I foam rolled a few times (with much pain) but they were really not bad.

I really enjoyed this race.  The shirt we got was nice although it was the same colour for the guys, some guys were not happy about that.  The course was a nice flat route and there were a lot of volunteers on course to make sure you went the right way.  Plenty of water stations which also had gatorade and plenty of people dressed up with fairy wings.  When I finished the race, I didn’t question if I would be able to tack on another 12.2km for the marathon but I did question if I would be able to maintain that pace for another 12.2km.  Just a thought though as that doesn’t really matter.  My only goal for the marathon is to finish – if I had a time of 4:30 or under, that would just be icing on the cake.  42.2km is pretty darn far afterall.



4 Responses to “A Midsummer Night’s Run 30K”
  1. Kristin says:

    Great job!!! 🙂 🙂 You look amazing!! XOXO!!

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