Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Bib #3176

Chip time – 4:42:06

Category place – 165/221

Gender place – 962/1424

Overall place –3049/4040

Well I did it!!!  I ran my first marathon and it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Let me explain that.  I didn’t go in expecting it to be bad but I did have fears, particularly of my legs cramping up and stopping me from completing the race.  Well that did not happen and although I was tired at the end, I crossed with a big smile on my face.

Well this race day started off pretty bad.  I planned to drive over to my local Running Room to meet with some people to drive down to Toronto.  I was ready to go and out the door at 6am.  I just had to stop for gas.  Too bad that stop happened before I made it to the gas station.  That is right, race day morning and I ran out of gas (because I was too lazy to go get gas the day before).  I put on my running shoes and ran home, grabbed a jerry can and my husbands work car and went over to the gas station to get some gas.  Open the jerry can and it has no spout! Luckily the gas station sold jerry cans.  Got the gas, put it in the van. Drive home and run back to the van and back to the gas station.  Finally set to go and I make my way to Toronto.  Luckily I had left early enough that by the time I got there and parked, I still had about an hour until race start.

The weather was a little cool but not too bad. I wore capri tights and a light Adidas long sleeve.  I had leg warmers from the dollar store on my arms until it was time to run, a buff to keep my ears warm and gloves.  I ended up taking off the arm warmers and gloves and put the buff around my neck and pulled my sleeves up and down several times through out the race.

This race was my first half last year.  Right before that half I had an IT band injury and had to go through lots of physio, chiro and even acupuncture.  This time I got an ankle injury right before.  In fact right after A Midsummer Night Run I took a week off and then got pretty sick and ended up missing another week of training.  Just after getting back into training again I took a nice long walk with my son in his wagon – 11km to be exact.  In flip flops!  Well the next day I had pain in the top of my ankle.  I was still able to run but when Sunday came around after my long run of 23km my ankle was really hurting so I decided to keep off it and go to physio.  I went steady for 2 weeks and was given the go ahead to try a short and easy run.  I was able to get through this with no pain.  I slowly built up my distance again but being so close to the race, 23km was the furthest I have gotten since my last race.

My original goal for this race was 4:30.  I was training for this race doing 10’s and 1’s as I thought it would help me to get through the total distance knowing that I could walk every 10 minutes.  After the last month leading up to this race, I decided my goal was just to complete the race.  At the start of the race I was feeling eager to get going, no fear.

The great thing for me about wearing my watch is that it helps me keep on pace and avoid going out too fast.  I also have it programmed for 10’s and 1’s.  I headed out steady.  I had 5 gels on me but I still managed to forget something.  I had no electrolytes.  Luckily every aid station had gatorade and I took some at every stop.  I really wanted to keep any leg cramps away.  I had several friends running this race and it was nice running into them on the course.  As always, it is nice to see the elites coming back along the lakeshore.

I crossed the 10km mark at 1:04. I had taken my first gel a few km back around 7-8km.  There was some entertainment and the most people along the lakeshore. It was also a little cooler down there.  I was feeling pretty strong still and was quite happy with my pace. I was managing an average of about 6:25 running in between my walk breaks.  Since I had done this course last year I knew what to expect for the first half but the second half would be unknown.  Not going to lie, it was a bit tough having to follow the course onto the full knowing that all the people doing the half were almost done.  I still felt pretty strong though so on I went.  I crossed the halfway point at 2:17 and was just about to take my 3rd gel.  So far so good.

The second half of this race did not have the same crowd support and entertainment as the first half although I have to say that the “Greeks” were very enthusiastic and provided great cheer!.  I am not too familiar with Toronto so not sure what areas we were in.  After about 30km is where I started to feel tired.  I crossed that point at 3:16.  At this point I also started to feel little twinges in my legs and was praying to not get hit by cramps.  I think from 30km – 34km was the longest 4km of my life. I just could not see the turn around and it was taking forever to get there.  I was so tired I started to extend my walk breaks from 1 minute to 2 at times.  Spectators were out on the street handing out bananas and I graciously accepted some.  In this stretch I also ran into one of my running friends and ran with her, well pretty much to the end, on and off.  Like I said, I was doing 10’s and 1’s and she was not but I managed to keep catching up to her.  This was great to have a familiar person to help motivate me to the end.  35km at 3:51 and 40km at 4:27.  It was about here that I realized I would make it and not too far off from my original goal.  Oh and this whole time, my ankle is not bothering me.  Adrenalin was my friend as one of my friends said pre race.  I ran with Lucie through 40km to the end.  I tried to pick it up at the finish but I was just spent.  Crossed 42.2km at 4:42:06.  I did it!!!  I ran a marathon!  I am so proud of myself and amazed that I could accomplish this even with the bad month of training prior to this.

Now as I write this, 2 weeks later, I have not run since.  I did plan on taking a break and just relaxing because for the first time since I started running again, I do not have another race coming up.  In fact, I don’t know what will happen next.  My husband and I would like to expand our family again so I don’t want to sign up for any big races in the future in case I can not commit. I will take them on a sign up closer to race day basis.  As for the winter, I plan to keep going a few times a week with 5’s and up to 10km runs and a longer one on the weekend as well.  Maybe I will run with a half group, that is a good distance to maintain.  Who knows.  I would like to throw some swimming back in for cross training and definitely yoga.  I will say though after 2 weeks off from running, I am really looking forward to getting back out there!






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