I’m Baaaack

Well I have fallen off pretty much everything over the past year.  After I finished my marathon in Oct 2014, I thought I could use a bit of a break to rest.  I ran the Sporting Life 10K in May 2015 and it felt hard.  I had already lost a lot of my fitness by that time.  I didn’t stop running completely but I wasn’t training like I should have and may have been some what sporadic.  Needless to say, it was far from my PB of that race.  After that race I full on stopped running, well, until September of 2015 when I thought I needed to get back at it.  Not only did I lose all my fitness, I gained back all the weight I had lost.  That was it, I started all over back to the couch to 5K app.

Now with the C25K, I had a gradual introduction back to 5k.  I couldn’t even believe that I had run a marathon just a year ago and now I was finding running hard.  To be honest, for awhile, I was really hard on myself, comparing myself to my former running self in my best running shape. Silly now that I think about it.  Once I let go of any expectations, mentally, I started to enjoy it again.  I signed up for 2 races to keep me motivated. The Mercedes-Benz Oakville 5K on April 24th and Sporting Life 10K on May 8th.  So I got my training plan and set out but I ran into a lot of problems this time around and I was having a pretty hard time, be it super tight calves or shin splints.  I got relief from the tight calves with some ART and acupuncture but then I got shin splints.  Needles to say, I ended up missing a lot of my runs.  In fact, in April, I only ran 19K and 5K of that was from the race I just did.  I have now decided to try new shoes in hopes that it may resolve my leg issues I have been having wearing my Nike Free Run 5.0.  I actually just picked up a new pair today.  I will be trying the New balance Fresh Foam Zante.  Honestly I really wanted the Fresh Foam 1080 but at almost $200 Canadian I decided to wait until I felt more committed to running again to invest that kind of money.  The Zante feel good so far but I will have a better idea when I take them for a run.

So now that I put out a bit of explanation for my absence (including some laziness) I did in fact run a race.  My first race in just about a year.

Mercedes-Benz Oakville 5K/10K Race

Bib #2557

Chip time – 31:17.8

Pace – 6:15

Gender place – 179/573

Category place – 35/105

Overall place – 400/992

I went into this with no expectations other than to give it my all and do the best I could.  Right off the bat on my way to this race, I forgot my watch.  Ahhhhh.  It helps me to have my watch so I don’t take off too fast.  I did have on my Garmin Vivofit 2 so I could at least gauge at the km markers.  For the first 2km, I felt pretty good, strong.  I was averaging about a 6min pace.  This was great because all my training runs had been so slow. I think my best pace on a training run was 6:30.  I started to get tired though so I took a quick walk break to have some water.  Running again I was slowing just a little but still feeling pretty good.  Taking 2 more quick walk breaks as needed. Passed the 4km marker and in my head I said, you can do this, almost done.  Like 6 to 6 and a half more minutes.   I ran in to the finish line with as much as I could give and then I was done!  31:18, my highest 5k time but not bad at all.  I am pretty happy with this time all things considered.  The medal is pretty awesome too.  This was a pretty good race and the route was pretty good.  I would definitely do this one again.  After this my 2 kids participated in the toddler trot and all of this inspired my husband to get back into running too.

Now 2 weeks until Sporting Life and I have not run any more than 6km.  Ummm I better get a bit of running in before this race , hopefully in my new shoes.

I can always count on the feeling of the race to get my running bug back. Finishing is always such a great feeling.  Looks like I need to sign up for some more races now.









3 Responses to “I’m Baaaack”
  1. Dr. Mom says:

    Congratulations!!!!! Glad to see you are on your way back!

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